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Rethinking corporate gifts this Christmas


Christmas vouchers are always appreciated. . . a bottle of wine or a bunch of flowers are nice. . . however, in the landscape of modern day gifting, they do feel a little impersonal on their own.


So what can you change to fix that?


Rethinking corporate gifts this Christmas


Your network is constantly surrounded by other potential employees, clients and partners of yours. We can’t always meet all of our employee demands, but why should that stop us making them feel appreciated?


With this in mind, we’ve been thinking. 


What if your corporate gifts could make you feel excited throughout the year instead of just during the festive season? Could they become a tool to promote affection between the employee and employer? What if the corporate gifts we gave our employees, partners and clients weren’t seen as just tokens that are more afterthought than thoughtful?


The corporate gift that keeps giving - for everyone!


Subscription gifts allow for an unexpected fuzzy feeling, a reminder of why they chose to work with your company in the first place.


When your head of communications is juggling a baby, new house and her full time job, you can imagine she’s not feeling her best, simply surviving. How important would those moments then be, coming home after another crazy busy day at work to find her regular Bare&Bond box on the doorstep saying, “Thanks for everything you do!”


Corporate subscription gifting means lower staff turnover and higher satisfaction rates, saving you money when it comes to recruitment fees and client acquisition. My own experience in sales and employee acquisition mean this is certainly something I’m always thinking about, and as a result I’ve come up with some solutions.


Not convinced by subscription based corporate gifting yet?


I’m going to introduce you our Bare & Bond corporate gift subscription and then you can decide if your convinced or not.


1) Bare&Bond


Bare&Bond creates an utterly delightful gifting experience as a quarterly perfume subscription shipping across the UK. Working with high-end independent perfumers it allows customers to experience luxury perfume they would never normally have the opportunity to smell. Everyone loves to smell great at work and everyone loves exploring new possibilities they’ve not considered before.


Every three months customers receive a box through their letterbox, beautifully designed by the featured artist of the quarter. When this box is opened, they’ll find the story behind perfumer and the perfumes themselves. Under the story are three 15ml bottles of perfume, exquisitely crafted and made with love.


Kerry who received the Bare&Bond perfume subscription as a gift said: 


“I love receiving my Bare&Bond box. The packaging is lovely and it’s so great reading the stories behind the perfumer and the perfume itself. It was such a lovely gift. Every quarter I feel like I find my new scent and can’t wait for the next one!”


Another customer added:


 “I have to share most treats with the kids so when I see my Bare & Bond box by the door it feel like a special treat just for me.”


Making those who have chosen to work with you feel special often, will mean higher productivity rates and higher motivation, let alone, colleagues vocalising their appreciation for you.

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 Bare Bond gift subscriptions can be bought from just £44.85 a quarter (£14.95 a month).

If you want to find out more about giving a Bare&Bond gift to your team, partners or clients, contact

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