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Outside The Box

  • A New Way to Taste Perfume

    When founder Frankee ran out of her favourite perfume and found that it had been discontinued, she went on a journey to replace her favourite scent...
  • Founders Favourites - Love At First Sniff?

    Love at first sniff – is it as make-believe as love at first sight? Well, I don’t know but I certainly have never experienced it. A lot of you will...
  • The Story - SaveraUK

    Last last year we had the absolute privilege of partnering with Savera UK, a charity helping women facing forced marriage and harmful practices. He...
  • Let's talk about coffee

    I’m trying not to get too philosophical here but there is some very deep that happens when you experience something, another person has absolutely perfected. Like you’re being introduced to a new realm of life. A kind of enlightenment, if you will.
  • Scents of Autumn

    Whether you’re a Fall-crazed newbie or an old-timer like myself, make yourself a cup of chai tea and come on a journey through the wonderful world of Autumnal home comforts.
  • Perfume Is Art

    We know what you’re thinking. . . 
    Why is a piece of fine art on a Perfume Subscription Box? 
    Well brew yourself a cuppa and sit down, because I have a story to tell you.