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Scents of Autumn


The scents of Autumn are undoubtedly the most anticipated of the year. Even Christmas pine and Spring’s fresh flowers cannot contend with the frenzy of hygge lovers, beating their way into the shops for all things cosy and pumpkin-spiced each October. As a season obsessive myself, I’ve sorted out which scents I can’t get enough of at this time of year. I hope they prove useful when you’re on the hunt for candles, bath products and, of course, perfumes. 


So whether you’re a Fall-crazed newbie or an old-timer like myself, make yourself a cup of tea and come on a journey through the wonderful world of Autumnal home comforts.


We’ll say it because we know everyone is thinking it . . . Pumpkin Spice! I prefer a Chai Latte but to each their own, right? Whichever you choose, we love looking forward to sipping on something Spiced while we snuggle up in a cosy chair with a good book. You may have found a quiet spot in a coffee shop or dared to DIY your seasonal drinks at home to enjoy from the comfort of your duvet. However you decide to get there, everyone wants that moment of warmth radiate through them, listening to the sound of raindrops beat down outside. 

Think: Chai, Root veg cooking, Pumpkin spiced candles, Cinnamon sticks, Rich coffee



Another hallmark of the perfect Autumnal day is the first day you step out through the front door to nipping air and dewy blades of grass. In the morning mist, you can see your clouds of breath and crunch through crisping leaves on the way to the car. It is a morning like this that would be perfect for picking up friends at the weekend and driving them to the pumpkin patch outside of the city. By the time you get there, the sun will be shining, warming the corn mazes and benches beside the coffee cart. That crisp morning feeling will be gone again until tomorrow, each one bringing you closer to the Winter freezes. 

Think: Fog, Rain, Old leaves, Chestnuts, Flannel, Mint, Morning air, Orchard woods




Most of us have our most vivid scent memories from one night of the year. Halloween. Pumpkins are everywhere in sight. White ones, Green ones, warty ones. . .  they all bring you back to the hard graft that was carving and decorating your childhood Jack-O-Lanterns. The smell of freshly lit tea lights will always have a special place in our hearts as they recall the sheer pride of displaying our work on the front porch for other Trick-or-Treating children to see. Smoky scents are synonymous with Autumn for their intimacy with the memories of apple bobbing, bonfires and firework displays at the height of the Halloween fun.

Think: Halloween, Spent sparklers, Struck matches, Fireside, Comfort, Blown out candles




With sweater weather comes home baking and staying in on cold nights to enjoy your sweet treats. In an armchair with a cup of tea and the warm glow of Gilmore Girls onscreen, the sweet scents that linger in the house can add up to utter bliss. Cinnamon swirls and apple spice muffins are a staple of any home in Autumn and their perfume is like no other. Below we have our favourite recipe for a seasonal simmer pot to replicate these sweet scents just in case you’d rather buy than bake.

Think: Pies, Home baking, Marshmallows, Maple pecan swirls, Hot chocolate, Warm cider


Recommended Ingredients:

1 Apple, Sliced 
Peel of 3 Oranges
2 Cinnamon Sticks
1 Tablespoon of Cloves
1cm Ginger, Thinly Sliced

Adapt the quantity depending on what you like best or what you have available and simmer in a pot on a low to medium heat, making sure to check on it often and not let it boil dry.


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