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Perfume Is Art

We know what you’re thinking. . . 
Why is a piece of fine art on a Perfume Subscription Box? 
Well brew yourself a cuppa and sit down, because I have a story to tell you.

Outside the Box 

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a person in possession of a good perfume must be in want of some visuals to delight them while they explore the scent. Wasn’t that what Jane Austen said?

Either way, we believe that sensory satisfaction is key to living a happy life. It is nice to feel nice, and we gravitate to art galleries and other such sacred spaces when we want to feel the healing powers of creativity.

Focus on the visual is nothing new in the perfume industry- any highstreet perfume store windows or gift catalogue will tell you that. Their advertisements are designed to have us swoon at the celebrity endorsement, and be dazzled by bloated discount signs. While there is nothing wrong with this if it is truly your bag, we think Independent British Perfume deserves better.



When Unique Ideas Come Together 

When the idea of putting Art on the Bare&Bond perfume subscription box came to us, we thought it aligned perfectly with our motto of experiencing slow perfume. Taking a deep breath. Taking it all in. 

Enter Karen David. Karen’s multi-disciplinary practice lends itself to inspiration from unconventional sources. In her meeting with our then-upcoming perfumer, Ruth Mastenbroek, the plan was hatched to create a piece by marbling, to capture the layered nature of notes in the fragrance.

The finished piece (shown above) marries Ruth’s brand colours- black and gold- accented with colours that Karen felt best represented the three 15ml perfumes in Ruth’s featured subscription box. 

I think the result is stunning. The work looks alive and speaks to Ruth’s background in studying Chemistry at Oxford University (do you see the oxford blue in there?) and the fluidity of the experience of smelling a new perfume for the first time.



The Beauty of Bare&Bond 

As a brand, we want to supply you with so much more than perfume. We want our customers to experience fragrance like never before, to become engaged with real Perfumers and understand the art that is the entire creative process.

The response has been so positive to Karen’s artwork, which is luxuriously enveloping this quarter’s subscriber box. If you want to get involved with creating artwork for a future project simply email us at and we will be in touch.


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