Incredible Artisan Perfume From Micro-Perfumeries

Artistry Of Perfume | Curated Edition | Perfume Gift Set
Artistry Of Perfume | Curated Edition | Perfume Gift Set
Artistry Of Perfume | Curated Edition | Perfume Gift Set

Artistry Of Perfume | Curated Edition

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Step into a whole new world of perfume and discover 3 new artisan perfumes that are created to be put artistic masterpieces.

The ideal gift for anyone who loves challenging their senses and experiencing pure art. Whether it's a gift for a parent or a friends 40th birthday, give someone a unique gift, without the risk. All these scents are wonderfully unisex.


This edition was created from three perfumes that almost transport you into a painting using only smell.

THE PERFUMES (3 x 15ml bottles)

RED QUEEN BY 4160TUESDAYS - This is a rose in Wonderland, inspired by Alice’s journey down the rabbit hole and out into the magical kingdom of the living chessboard. A spicy incense rose, with a base of rich deep notes, patchouli and vetivert for the feeling of falling down the rabbit hole, with parsnip, blackcurrant and raspberry for the White Rabbit himself. I adore working with rose and I don’t ever think of the aroma as being just for women; rose absolute has both rich softness and light elegance. Here we clothe it in ambery labdanum, musk and spicy davana to set it in an alternative world of mathematical mystery. It’s for everyone especially those who imagine that they don’t like rose fragrances.

TAR BY MIGUEL MATOS PERFUMES - Tar is a very complex composition, but we want to highlight the strong liquorice accord along with the boozy aspects of rum and lots of smoke notes. Miguel would say, the secret of the scent lies in a drop of pineapple the finishes this gourmande scent off. It's extravagant and intense.

CHARADE BY SARAH BAKER PERFUMES - Charade is based on the 1963 film classic called Charade featuring Audrey Hepburn and Carey Grant. The strong man in this piece is depicted by the leather, sandalwood and vetivers. The addition of french tuberose and ylang ylang lift those heavy scents into the floral zone. At this point Sarah Baker, who creatively directed the scent, described it as "black tea with no milk" so a touch of honey was added to smooth out the other two confident elements.