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Curated Edition | For Men - Bare&Bond - Mini Edition (3 x 3ml perfumes) - Bare&Bond
Curated Edition | For Men - Bare&Bond - Classic Edition (plain white box) - Bare&Bond
Curated Edition | For Men - Bare&Bond - Bare&Bond
Curated Edition | For Men - Bare&Bond - Bare&Bond

Curated Edition | For Men

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The ideal gift for any man who likes to look after himself but struggles to find the time to search through shops to find the right scent for him. Whether it's a gift for dad on a friends 40th birthday, give him a unique gift, without the risk.

We love the planet and the animal in it, that's why, all our packaging is recyclable or reusable, and all our perfumes are vegan



THE PERFUMES (3 x 15ml bottles)

Brooklyn By Gallivant
Inspired by the streets of Brooklyn; The fizz of an urban playground. It's non-stop, go-go-go, the power-walking to a breakfast meeting looking over the Brooklyn Bridge. A lazy April afternoon in the sun at Park Slope, feeling the warmth on the skin. Small flowers in the grass. Fresh air.
It’s life on the sidewalk, early summer breezes, the glow from the lighting in bars and diners, bright apartments with books.

Oxford By Ruth Mastenbroek
Oxford is inspired by the feeling of discovery. A sophisticated fragrance that evokes quintessential British elegance with a unique twist. This scent will inspire you to venture forth with confidence, curiosity and determination. The bold heart of oudh and amber dance with softer vanilla and vetiver notes, while jasmine and cashmere shine through.

84 By OSM
Exploring the lusty side of love. Dark and animalistic with heady, narcotic jasmine. The sweltering remembrance of a nocturnal decade spent dancing dirty. Even the warmest summer air felt cool when we stepped with someone, out from the thumping crowd toward a smaller, softer venue. Sweet, hot dreams were made of this.
Notes include black pepper, neroli, jasmine, hay, smoke, leather, patchouli, vetiver, dark woods.