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Headway - Ongoing Monthly Subscription

Headway - Ongoing Monthly Subscription

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Treat yourself to a new perfume every month sourced directly from perfumers.

On this plan, you pay £14.95 each month for your monthly subscription.

Each month you'll receive a Bare&Bond box containing one 8ml bottle of exquisitely crafted perfume that you'd never find on the high street. 

10% of all the proceeds of this subscription will go to Headway

Key details

 - Bare & Bond subscriptions are fully flexible so you can pause or cancel it anytime

- We put your box in the post on the 1st of the month after your order has been placed

- Additional costs annoy us as much as you, so we've already included shipping and tax

- Delivered through your letterbox so you don't need to wait in for the postman

What our customers think of us

“I love receiving my Bare & Bond box. The packaging is lovely and it’s so great reading the stories behind the perfumer and the perfume itself. It was such a lovely gift. Every quarter I feel like I find my new scent and can’t wait for the next one! I also love the little gift box inside - it’s meant I’ve been able to share some of the lovely scents with friends.”


“The Bare & Bond service has been really lovely, the staff are very friendly and my Bare & Bond box made a prompt delivery straight to the comfort of my home. The packaging for my box was very delightful, and really intrigued me to open the box further. The whole process has a feel of surprise as you just do not know what perfumes you will be receiving! A beautiful scented mystery!”


"I have to share most treats with the kids so when I see my Bare & Bond box by the door it feel like a special treat just for me. I love the new smells I am introduced to. It feels like new clothes or three new personalities floor characters for me to be."