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Perfume gift subscription
Perfume gift subscription
Perfume gift subscription
Perfume gift subscription
Perfume gift subscription

OLD 12 Month Gift Subscription

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Treat someone to an adventure of discovery. They'll discover a new perfume every month, sourced from world-renowned perfume makers. 

On this plan, you pay a one-off £149.50 to give someone a 12-month subscription to Bare&Bond monthly. That means, they'll get a box a month for 12 months.

After 12 months, if they want to continue subscribing they can or you can continue the subscription for them. 

Each month they'll receive one 8ml bottle of perfume to try and experience. They'll learn about the origins of the perfume and how it was made.


This gift subscription does not automatically renew

Key details

- We put your box in the post within 10 days of your order.

- We've already included shipping and tax

- Delivered through their letterbox so they can enjoy it straight away

What our customers think of us

“I love receiving my Bare & Bond box. The packaging is lovely and it’s so great reading the stories behind the perfumer and the perfume itself. It was such a lovely gift. Every quarter I feel like I find my new scent and can’t wait for the next one! I also love the little gift box inside - it’s meant I’ve been able to share some of the lovely scents with friends.”


“The Bare & Bond service has been really lovely, the staff are very friendly and my Bare & Bond box made a prompt delivery straight to the comfort of my home. The packaging for my box was very delightful, and really intrigued me to open the box further. The whole process has a feel of surprise as you just do not know what perfumes you will be receiving! A beautiful scented mystery!”


"I have to share most treats with the kids so when I see my Bare & Bond box by the door it feel like a special treat just for me. I love the new smells I am introduced to. It feels like new clothes or three new personalities floor characters for me to be."