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Crushed Velvet - Bare&Bond - Bare&Bond

Crushed Velvet

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Crushed Velvet

Perfume Notes

Ylang Ylang · Patchouli · Tuberose · Geranium · Bulgarian Rose · Moroccan Rose · Vanilla · Sandalwood


This rich and sensuous fragrance combines ylang ylang’s exotic qualities, geranium’s earthy androgynous edge, and tuberose’s heady extravagance. The pairing of Bulgarian and Moroccan rose contrasts the fruity with the spicy but the wonderfully smooth sandalwood and earthy patchouli is both elegant yet challenging.

Escape to…

Excitement surrounds you as you head into the night for an evening of luxurious decadence. Through windows you glimpse the flicker of candles and a fire warming the heart of a home. The air is cold and crisp with a jewelled bite but it is invisible against the anticipation of the opulent fabrics and deep colours that await you. From the theatre, the ballet, and the opera, rousing music echoes the sensual enveloping feeling of Crushed Velvet.


Musical accompaniment and inspiration:

Dvorak 8th Symphony