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Perfume Notes

Vetivert · Osmanthus · Cedarwood · Oudh · Patchouli · Iris · Sandalwood


This crisp, woody, earthy fragrance places the wonderfully evocative vetiver in its very heart, where it is given an addictive powderiness from the exquisite iris. An elegant blend of cedarwood and sandalwood sits proudly alongside a patchouli-touched oudh before a dry hint of almond completes the scent.

Escape to…

The crispness of autumn, melancholic in its rich and varied colours, hides the beauty of what nature has planned for seasons ahead. The brown leaves underfoot and the hint of rain in the air create a familiarity as you take in the scents and sounds of the forest. You walk together, hand in hand, and yet separate as you enjoy the fern-like woodiness that September offers us. This is your Keahia, this is your very own gift from above.

“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately…” (Henry David Thoreau)