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For Men by 4160 Tuesdays  | Discovery Perfume Set
For Men by 4160 Tuesdays  | Discovery Perfume Set
For Men by 4160 Tuesdays  | Discovery Perfume Set

For Men by 4160 Tuesdays | Discovery Set

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Hand-selected for you by the one and only, Sarah McCartney, founder of 4160Tuesdays and mentor to many perfumes you'll discover through Bare & Bond.

Sarah sent these three fragrances to our studio at the beginning of lockdown when Frankee (our founder) was developing the first Curated Edition For Men. 

Frankee, to this day, still battles about which to put into our For Men editions. She has now decided to create a men's edition with all three of the perfumes Sarah McCartney selected for men. 



A Walk In The Forest (4ml)

A Walk in the Forest has a natural treemoss absolute inside it to give a rich, deep forest floor aroma at the base of our scent. There's a collection of woods, including Virginian cedar which has the scent of sharpened pencils. Running through the fragrance there's a soft musk, and right at the top there's a sparkle of light linden blossom. It takes you on a long walk, deep into sun dappled woods.


Dark Queen (4ml)

Regardless of the name, Sarah has always said this fragrance smells wonderful on men, and we agree. 

Dark Queen is a sleek wildcat which has been grazing at a berry farm. The aroma of a furry animal, but a very well-groomed one, which only shows it claws if it absolutely has to. Untamed beasts are not for us. Its base is a traditional amber – the colour of our imaginary wild cat’s eyes – with the lyrical sensuality of styrax and labdanum. There are dark and fruity hints of oudh, with a stirring of red fruits, tonka, plum and apricot. Our animal may look as if it’s been out hunting, but the red stains on its furry nose are just raspberry juice.

Our Modern Lives - Alpha (4ml)

A woody, amber fragrance created to last all day