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Summer Serenade

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Perfume Notes

Neroli · Bitter Orange · Pink Grapefruit · Jasmine · Mandarin · Geranium · Bergamot


This aromatic citrus fragrance takes its lead from an invigorating blend of bitter orange, pink grapefruit, mandarin and bergamot. The combination of sweet and tart aromas is accented by a wonderfully green neroli before the finest jasmine joins an evocative geranium, which also provides the merest hint of lavender.

Escape to…

Sitting on the grass, feeling at one with the summer heat, the sun touches your face with a vibrant caress. Blue sky, edging into a warm glow, gives you contentment in cathedral cloisters. The effervescence of champagne and the birds gliding soundlessly above succumb to a setting sun whilst musical notes, sung by a choir, float through the air on the evening breeze. On days like these you are soothed by their Summer Serenade.

Musical accompaniment and inspiration…

Charles Villiers Stanford, The Bluebird