Discover & Support World Class Independent Artisan Perfume Makers

Never Smell The
Same As The Crowd

At Bare & Bond we work with world class independent artisan perfume makers who create small batches of incredible scents. We're here to help you discover them.

Dress The House

Rent Art From Up & Coming Artists
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Never Run Out
Of Perfume

Three new perfumes, delivered through your letterbox every three months. Direct from artisan perfumers.

Never Smell The Same As The Crowd

At Bare & Bond we work with world class independent artisan perfume makers who create small batches of incredible scents. We're here to help you discover them.

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Why Choose Us?

Learn About Your Perfume

We go beyond simply describing perfume notes to you. We also tell you about the effects those perfume notes have on your mood. Bergamot for example, relieves anxiety while jasmin creates a very sexy feel.

Support Independent Perfume Makers

We work with any perfume-makers who have created incredible perfume regardless of background or wealth. Providing a pathway for these perfumers to be discovered, helps them get off the ground and thrive.

Be Planet & Animal Friendly

We love our gorgeous planet and the wonderful animals in it. That's why, all our packaging is either recyclable or reusable and all our perfumes are vegan.

Why Rent Art?

Support Up & Coming Artists

Discover raw talent and pure passion in pieces of art and dress your house

Dress Your House Without Breaking The Bank

With artwork catering to all budgets, you can dress your house without giving anything else up

Flexibility For Renters

Each house you rent is different, different space, different colour, different vibe, renting art means you no longer need to commit to paintings you won't take when you move

Try Art Before You Buy

Choosing art is hard because you its hard to know whether you'll like it when you get it home, let alone 12 months down the line. Renting art takes the risk away.

Be The First To Hear
When We Launch

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Get More Details
About Renting Your Art

How It Works

Find Art You Like

Look through art from up & coming artists and decide on the art you want to dress your house

Start Your Art Rental

Once you start your monthly art rental, your art will arrive within 10 days. You'll then pay monthly for your art

Send The Art Back

Swap out your art or stop your rental by sending your art back in the box we provide

Some Answers To Questions You Might Have

When will you launch?

The timing of our launch will have more to do with onboarding artists then specific dates.

When we've onboarded 20 artists, we'll do an initial test, allowing around 50 customers to rent art. These customers will give feedback and once the initial kinks are ironed out, we'll onboard more artists. Once we have over 100 artists renting their art, we'll open the platform wider.

How much will renting art cost?

Of course, all costs might change during testing however we think the pricing will look something like this...

Set-up (One-off fee to cover shipping, returns and insurance): £19

Monthly rental: Artist will choose the price they rent each piece of art for however we're suggesting between £3-£15 a month per piece depending on size, reputation of artist ect.

Why is an art rental company sharing a website with a perfume company?

Great question. Bare & Bond is, in family terms, our older sister brand. Being much more established, Bare & Bond has the set up that we, at Dress The House can use in our infancy. We will get a proper website soon. We're here while we test initial demand.

Will this be only for customers and artists in the UK?

In initial stages yes but the model is fairly simple so we don't see a reason why we can't expand to other countries quite quickly

I know an incredible artist who would love to be involved, can I refer them?

Yes! Send them this link and they'll be able to apply to be on the marketplace from there XXXXXXXXX

I love this idea, have ideas about how it could work and think I can help...

Amazing! We'd love to hear from you. Email us at (we'll get a Dress The House email address at one point, just not quite yet)