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Becoming A Good Business

At Bare & Bond we believe in doing good business and that means that everyone wins. As a young business, we are still improving our methods of working, realising blind spots and trying new things to make our business, a good business!

For full transparency, we thought it would be nice to outline what we're doing now and we're planning in the future.

Recyclability & Reusability

What We're Doing Now

Our boxes are 100% recyclable. All you need to do is peel off the labels on the back and they can go straight into your recycling. Our bottles can be sent back to us to be reused or you can reuse them yourself but simply removing the cap.

Our Future Plans

Not to brag but this the one area we think we've got sorted. If you have any idea's about how we can make our packaging even more sustainable, please let us know.

Our Carbon Emissions

What We're Doing Now

We've partnered with Pachama to offset our shipping-related carbon emissions by investing in our global forest.

Our Future Plans

We aim to be 100% carbon neutral by the end of this year.


Supporting An Equil Perfume Landscape

What We're Doing Now

We work with any perfume-makers who have created incredible perfume regardless of background or wealth.

Our Future Plans

We would love to start actively seeking out perfumery talent from backgrounds uncommonly seen in the perfume industry.

Supply Chain

What We're Doing Now

Admittedly, this is one area we haven't started looking at yet.

Future Plans

We plan to invest in a supply chain audit to see where the process can become fully fair for suppliers within the chain (i.e. fair wages) and sustainable for the planet (i.e. sustainable farming practices and responsible waste management).

This process will allow for our supply chain to be fully transparent meaning, our customers, stakeholders, investors and community will be able to see the journey each perfume has gone on and the people behind the perfume.