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It's nice to meet you.

Our journey started in October 2017 when our founder Frankee found out her favourite perfume had been discontinued. After months of testing perfumes in every shop she saw, she knew there had to be a more delightful way to test perfumes.

She dreamt of a way of testing perfumes, in her own time and space and also a way of learning the stories behind the perfumes that went beyond the adverts to the roots.

She spent the next year meeting perfumers, speaking to perfume buyers and designing the most delightful way to test and buy perfume.




It's nice to meet you.

I'm Frankee and I started Bare & Bond in 2019. As a perfume wearer myself I not only wanted to find a way of trying new perfume that didn't result in a Perfume Shop headache, but I also wanted to find a deeper experience of perfume, away from the sexy ads, with women who don't smile. Like the experience you get when you taste an artisan coffee for the first time after years of drinking coffee from your closest Starbucks.

I created Bare & Bond to act as a stage, showcasing incredible perfume talent and a gateway into a whole new world of perfume. Welcome to Bare & Bond!


We Partner Directly With Perfumers

We source directly from perfumers

Our partner perfumers are some of our favourite people. They are generous, kind, creative and incredibly innovative. We cannot wait to introduce you to all of them!

Our partner perfumers are some of our favourite people. They are generous, kind, creative and incredibly innovative. We cannot wait to introduce you to all of them!

Behind Our Name

Behind the name

Bare: without addition; basic and simple.

Our goal is to strip away all the fluff and faff from perfume so you can try it on your own terms and make up your own mind.

Bond: establish a relationship or link with someone based on shared feelings, interests, or experiences.

We want to help you form a meaningful connection between you and the people behind the perfumes you try.


What We Care About

Other then just doing Good Business

Demystifying perfume

We're committed to stripping away the faff that so often hides perfume, in order to show you authentic, bare perfume in all its glory. No sexy adverts or star shaped bottles here, just incredible perfume with amazing stories.

Connecting people

We're on a journey to build a meaningful connection between perfume makers and perfume wearers. At the moment we do this by telling you the perfumer's story and their vision behind their perfumes but we have a few more ideas of how to do this up our sleeve.

Delighting customers

We're determined to create a way to test and buy perfume that feels exciting and delightful. That's why we give you a whole months supply of each perfume so you don't have to rush the process.

Here's what everyone's been saying about us...

All reviews taken from Trustpilot

“I love receiving my Bare & Bond box. The packaging is lovely and it’s so great reading the stories behind the perfumer and the perfume itself. It was such a lovely gift. Every quarter I feel like I find my new scent and can’t wait for the next one! I also love the little gift box inside - it’s meant I’ve been able to share some of the lovely scents with friends.”


"Website was very easy to use and the delivery was very quick and exactly as described. The perfume wasn’t a scent that I would normally have gone for if passing it in a shop but after a few minutes of wearing it I really loved it and will be using the discount to buy the bigger bottle."


"OMG I just love the perfumes I ordered! They are really wow! Arrived in a beautiful box with information about the Dancing with Tuberose selection of 3. I am hooked and am going to try others as soon as I feel I can justify buying more. Also the service and care I received about a query was second to none, lovely lovely lady got everything sorted for me. A truly great find for me so glad I gave your company a try."