Unique Scents From The Best Artisan Perfume Houses

Perfume Partners

At Bare & Bond we work with independent perfumers in order to give you the most exquisite perfumes that you won't find on the high-street. Meet our perfume partners.

Sarah McCartney

The godmother of perfumery

Sarah was the first perfumer we ever met here at Bare&Bond. Before that moment, the perfume industry felt closed off, cold and unavailable to any outsider. That perception was shattered upon our meeting. Sarah was passionate and full of imagination and character. She was captivating and she straight away became known to us as the Godmother of Perfumery.

Sarah not only cares about the well being of the industry but also tirelessly works to make the industry more equal, transparent and ecological. Her absolute generosity in mentoring and championing new talent and faces within the industry is really something to be marveled upon. Actually, a lot of the perfumers you come across through Bare&Bond started out when one day, they met Sarah.


Ruth Mastenbroek

The chemist who broke convention

I sat in front of Ruth as she radiated wisdom but also had a wonderful warmth about her.  
As Ruth told her story, I was hooked. Her journey from absolute self doubt, after being a perfumer for 30 years, to creating the first fragrance of her own brand, driven by a passion and care for her customers, was inspiring. From small beginnings to the shopfronts of Fortnum Mason and Fenwick of Bond Street, Ruth's brand triumphed.

Sarah Ireland

The newcomer everyone is talking about

I'd never visited the New Forest before meeting Sarah. Sarah had just launched her perfume range and I couldn't wait to meet her.

We sat in a little shop and talked. I loved Sarah's story. It was full of life and truth. When I left, Sarah gave me some perfumes to take away with me.

Before leaving the beauty of the forest I decided to go on a walk. Putting on one of her fragrances, I set out. The experience of wearing Sarah Ireland Perfume on that walk changed my outlook of perfume, and has since shaped Bare&Bond as a company. The perfume Sarah had given me added a whole new sensory dimension to my walk. It was incredible.


Sarah Baker

The Artist Without Boundaries

Adventuring down unexplored paths, Sarah finds new mediums for her artwork that push far beyond convention.

This adventure led Sarah into the sensual world of perfume. Sarah's method of creating perfumes in deeply collaborative. She works with world renowned perfumers, allowing their story and experience to weave into hers, creating deeply sexy scents that are distinctly different.