Discover & Support World Class Independent Artisan Perfume Makers

Never Smell The
Same As The Crowd

At Bare & Bond we work with world class independent artisan perfume makers who create small batches of incredible scents. We're here to help you discover them.

Never Run Out
Of Perfume

Three new perfumes, delivered through your letterbox every three months. Direct from artisan perfumers.

Never Smell The Same As The Crowd

At Bare & Bond we work with world class independent artisan perfume makers who create small batches of incredible scents. We're here to help you discover them.

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Why Choose Us?

Learn About Your Perfume

We go beyond simply describing perfume notes to you. We also tell you about the effects those perfume notes have on your mood. Bergamot for example, relieves anxiety while jasmin creates a very sexy feel.

Support Independent Perfume Makers

We work with any perfume-makers who have created incredible perfume regardless of background or wealth. Providing a pathway for these perfumers to be discovered, helps them get off the ground and thrive.

Be Planet & Animal Friendly

We love our gorgeous planet and the wonderful animals in it. That's why, all our packaging is either recyclable or reusable and all our perfumes are vegan.

Rent Your Art

We're creating a marketplace for you to connect with people looking to dress their houses in art.

Why Rent Your Art?

Make Money From Your Art Quicker

The easy commitment of art rentals means it is easier to rent your art then sell it, so why not start making money from it straight away

Clear Space In Your Studio

If you're an artist you probably have an ever growing stack of painting in your room or studio. Clear room by giving them a new home for a few months

Get Known Among New Art Collectors

We anticipate attracting art collectors who are new to the art scene. Create a relationship with them now and they'll be collectors from you for life.

Let Your Art Age Before Selling

Art gets more expensive the older it is. As your reputation grows, the price of your art does too. By renting your art, you start making money from it straight away while letting it age and sell for more later.

Apply To Sell Your Art

How Does It Work

Sign Up & List Your Art

Sign up here. If you're accepted to the platform, you'll be given a date that you'll go live on the platform.

Make Money As Your Art Sells

A customer will pay an initial setup fee for shipping and insurance as well as a monthly rental fee.

You'll receive the money within 7 days of the customer paying

Recieve The Art Back

If the customer wants to buy the art from you instead of renting it, they can, taking off what they've paid through renting or when the customer wants to stop renting the piece of art, they will arrange to send it back to you.

Important Details

Seller fees   

We'll take a percentage of any sales made on the site. We're still working out what to set the percentage at so your feedback would be really helpful in terms of what you think would be fair

Can I sell prints?

We only want artists to sell original pieces meaning you can't sell prints.

How do I price my art?

We're setting up a marketplace which means we will nover dictate what you should be pricing your art at but we do have some tips about how to think about it.

1. Be realistic. What would you want for the piece of art if you sold it full-price? Take that price and divide it by 36 - The idea is, if it's rented for 3 years, you'll get the full price you want

2. Have different size pieces for different amounts. Some people will want to kit out their whole home meaning they'll be looking for large statement pieces for over £10 a month as well as smaller pieces at more like £2-3 a month

Will this be only for customers and artists in the UK?

In initial stages yes but the model is fairly simple so we don't see a reason why we can't expand to other countries quite quickly

I know an incredible artist who would love to be involved, can I refer them?

Yes! Send them this link and they'll be able to apply to be on the marketplace from there XXXXXXXXX

I have some feedback about the concept

At this stage, everything is very changable so your feedback is crucial and can be easily implemented so if you have any feedback about any part of the concept, what you liked, what you didn't, things we've overlooked ect, please let us know here:

Thank you!