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Art inspired by Perfume | Becky Atkinson - Everlasting

Becky Atkinson - Everlasting

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"Fragrance is so special, each note ignites a little memory or association, each perfume lends an emotion and a feeling. These scents were so individual, each told their own story and my role as an artist was to tell their tale on canvas. Just like you associate a scent with a person, time or place, we do the same with colour.

When I see black, white and red together I think of Cruella De Vil and hoards of Dalmatian puppies. Or when I smell candy floss in the air I think of pink whimsical wonders and can almost taste the sugary flavour.

Each painting is my colour translation of the scent, I hope it tells you the story of the beautiful fragrance and takes you places you love."
Becky Atkinson
This piece is A4 and can be bought with a frame or without. Becky is also available for commissions so please do get in-touch with my questions or requests.