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Captured By Candlelight
Captured By Candlelight
Captured By Candlelight

Captured By Candlelight

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This became a woodsy gourmand fragrance. Following on from the Christmas pudding aroma, I wrote a lighthearted 1930s style mystery story about a stolen painting, “Captured by Candlelight”, which featured a huge pudding, brandy flames flickering, in the wood-panelled candlelit dining room of an elegant country home. To make the complete fragrance, I took my original fruit, brandy and molasses accord, surrounded it with woods, and illuminated it with a light candlewax note.


The first accord came into being when Professor Barry Smith, our philosopher friend, called to say that he would be on a cooking programme the next day and could I please make him the smell of Christmas pudding. We had a studio open day, so I whipped up the aroma in front of visiting customers, Barry’s assistant arrived to take it away, and my customers insisted that I make it for them too.